Microsoft readying 'rugged' display tech

News Tony Crammond 11:07, Apr 12 2012

Microsoft wants to put an end to pansy touch-enabled devices

If you've ever put a cup of hot coffee down on top of your iPad you're going to love Microsoft's latest idea: screens built to contend with accidents..and more.

The firm has applied for a patent for new 'ruggedized' display technology which, owing to the magic of advanced laminates, would allow a device to bear weight, heat or even the toe of an angry patron's boot.

The system features an element punchily referred to as 'Microsoft's Top Protective Component,' which will sit on the top of the device's screen, soaking up damage and saving users and businesses thousands of dollars in potential replacement and maintenance costs.

Applications for the new technology include tablets running the company's upcoming Windows 8 OS, surface devices such as touch-enabled tables and kiosks, and could even extend to touchscreen floors, a thought that is likely to get gamers and developers salivating.

The technology is still very much at the acorn stage, but if you'd like to know more, head over to PatentBolt and check out Microsoft's vision.

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