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News Stacy Warden 14:17, Apr 12 2012

Screw Mike Daisey; Marketplace shows us what it’s really like inside Foxconn

When you hear the name Mike Daisey now, you probably want to throw up in your mouth a little bit. It’s understandable, and you’re not alone, his wife most likely feels that way, too. After all, he lied about what he actually saw when he “exposed” Foxconn for its working conditions. And he did it on freaking NPR (This American Life, specifically), which made us loyal listeners of the network doubly upset.

Anyway, Rob Schmitz, the Marketplace’s China correspondent who flipped Daisy’s fame upside down overnight by exposing his lies (which, according to Daisey, were not lies at all, just bad editing), recently got an inside look at what really goes on over there. That makes Schmitz the second reporter to get up close and personal with the folks who actually make our coveted Apple tablets. ABC’s Bill Weir was the first, but that doesn’t even feel like it counts, since ABC and Apple are basically having hot makeout sessions with each other.

The Schmitz video shows us the key steps involved in making an iPad. We get to see the Foxconn employees going through the motions of a typical work day. (By the way, a typical work day at Foxconn will earn you $14 to start, and double that if you’ve been on board for a while—that’s PER DAY.) It’s a short clip, but it gives a much clearer picture than Weir’s pristine account. Take a look for yourself.

Via: Gizmodo

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