Samsung prepping Windows Phone 8 devices

News Tony Crammond 10:45, Apr 13 2012

Samsung is looking to Q4 for the debut of its first Windows Phone 8 devices

Samsung has confirmed it will be debuting devices running Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 in October.

According to Taiwanese tech daily ePrice, a spokesman for the Korean manufacturer stated that the company would be bypassing Windows Phone Mango smartphones due to the software's lack of suitability for high-end hardware, and moving straight to the newer, more advanced software. The pub said the spokesman suggested that the devices would launch around October in Asia.

As we reported on Wednesday, the manufacturer will be releasing at least two new devices running the Tango version of Microsoft's OS, but it now seems as if the lion's share of the company's efforts will, from there on in, be focused heavily on producing top-tier Windows Phone devices running Apollo.

Windows Phone 8, or Apollo, will reportedly support multi-core architecture, NFC and will be deeply integrated with Skype, which Microsoft acquired last year. The features make it a much more alluring proposition for Samsung as the manufacturer looks to extend its recent successes and make a name for itself with Windows Phone-powered hardware.

Via Unwired View

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