Samsung outstripping Nokia in terms of sales

News Tony Crammond 12:20, Apr 13 2012

Samsung has surpassed Nokia in sales for the first time, making it the world's leading phone manufacturer

Nokia has enjoyed a long and largely unchallenged reign at the top of the cellphone tree when it comes to sales. Mid- and low-range devices have carried the manufacturer when its top-end devices have been floundering, and as such, the company has always had reasons to be cheerful.

Not for much longer though.

According to financial analysts at Asymco, Samsung is about to surpass Nokia for the first time in total sales, heralding a shift in power in the global market.

It is no small secret that Nokia has been suffering over the past 24 months, with poor sales and reliance on a dated OS hampering the company's efforts to gain a real foothold in the upcoming smartphone market. These issues have been reflected in the company's quarterly figures.

Samsung's successes, on the other hand, have been easy to see. The Korean manufacturer's sales have risen to around 85 million in Q1, two million more than the Finns.

The figures show a company that has gone from strength to strength, and one that is enjoying continued success in the Android market.

In fact Samsung now sits second only to Apple in terms of global appeal, and it is this brand strength that has pushed the manufacturer beyond previous boundaries, surpassing the Finnish firm.

Sales of Nokia's Lumia range, in particular the newly announced Lumia 900, have been encouraging, (though they won't be reflected in current sales figures) but even the positivity surrounding the device's launch has been tempered by reported faults, which led to Nokia offering disgruntled users $100 refunds.

Will we see Nokia regain any of its previous lustre or is it all downhill from here on in? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure: The future appears bright for Samsung.

Via Phone Arena

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