Transformer Prime GPS dongle now available

News Tony Crammond 09:53, Apr 17 2012

Transformer Prime users can now register to get their hands on a dongle to fix the device's GPS problems

ASUS Transformer Prime users who have been forced to endure problematic GPS performance on their device can now register with the manufacturer to receive a GPS dongle that is expected to eradicate the issue.

Early versions of the tablet were plagued with GPS problems and users took to the internet to air their grievances with the ASUS, forcing the manufacturer to acknowledge the flaw and even remove GPS functionality from the device's specification.

The issue was so extensive ASUS ruled out a software fix and has instead released an external GPS adapter to fix the problem, though the solution itself isn't without its flaws.

The GPS dongle plugs in to the tablet's proprietary port, allowing the GPS to function at the expense of being able to charge the tablet or utilize the patented keyboard dock, which gave rise to the device's 'Transformer' moniker.

ASUS has maintained a cautious distance from accepting responsibility for the problem. A spokesman for the company stated that, "Although the Transformer Prime is not a professional GPS device, as part of our unwavering commitment to customers we are offering all Transformer Prime owners a free external GPS extension kit, called a dongle, which may help improve signal reception and optimize the user experience."

While the solution is doubtless appreciated by the many users who have had to contend with this annoying problem, the nature in which ASUS appears to be side-stepping culpability leaves a little to be desired. Professional GPS or not, shouldn't the thing work?

Users wanting to pick up the GPS dongle free of charge should visit ASUS and register before July 31, 2012.

Via Talk Android, PC Advisor

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