Apple planning to release iPad 'Mini' in Q3?

News Tony Crammond 10:39, Apr 17 2012

Supply chain sources claim Apple is planning to launch its iPad 'Mini' in Q3

According to hardware suppliers in China, Apple will launch its fabled iPad 'mini' in Q3 of 2012, and it is rumored that the company has placed an initial order for 600 million units in order to stay ahead of demand.

The gossip, which was picked up on Chinese Web portal NetEase by Kotaku, suggests that Apple is looking to ship the smaller version of its market-leading tablet for around $249, just $50 more than Amazon's hugely popular Kindle Fire.

According to speculation, the device will feature a 7-inch display, but may miss out on Apple's famed Retina Display owing to manufacturing difficulties. However, the device will make up for the lack of Retina Display by offering a dual-core chipset and 5-megapixel camera, as well as Apple's excellent iOS, for less than $300.

We're usually skeptical when it comes to the myriad rumors we hear coming from 'supply chain' sources, but the root of these particular comments is said to be Foxconn, a company with strong ties to Cupertino's finest, so we might file this particular slice of gossip in the 'plausible' pile for later consideration.

Via Brief Mobile

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