Snapguide for iOS gets Pinterest integration

News Stacy Warden 15:09, Apr 25 2012

Snapguide is the first ever iPhone app to get its very own Pinterest integration

Pinterest fans have a reason to rejoice today, as Snapguide just incorporated an official Pinterest button into its sharing options (along with Facebook and Twitter). It’s barely been a month since Snapguide’s launch, but it’s already working toward offering its users the best possible experience. The newest update lets users share their favorite how-to guides directly to the female-fueled, pin-happy network. Normally such a small update wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but this could be a big deal for Pinterest if it ends up meaning integration with other popular iOS apps.

As TechCrunch points out, while a Pinterest API has been anticipated for months, this is the first actual public peek at how it might look. Of course, much of this could change once it becomes available on a wider scale. We can only speculate as to why Snapguide was granted early access to the Pinterest API; when TechCrunch inquired, the company was hush-hush on details.

For those unfamiliar, Snapguide is the newest way to gain a new skill (or share your own skills with others) on the fly. The iOS app is full of guides and operates in real time. More than 7.6 million Snapguide stories have been shared on Facebook, according to founder Daniel Raffel. We imagine that number will increase tenfold with the new Pinterest integration, especially where food is concerned (seriously, have you looked at some of those boards? So many women cooking! Or at least, dreaming about cooking).

Snapguide is backed by Path founder Dave Morin, along with CrunchFund and Index Ventures, among others, and you can get it for free in the iTunes store.

Via: TechCrunch

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