Samsung, Apple fail to reach patent agreement, claims report

News Stephen Tenerowicz 16:19, May 23 2012

Apple and Samsung are unable to reach a patent settlement in court-ordered discussions

According to a new report, Samsung and Apple have failed to reach an agreement that would end their non-stop, international patent war. The news comes just two days after settlement discussions started.

According to an anonymous Samsung executive, the two sides could find no clear agreement whatsoever. Samsung continued demanding Apple pay royalties, whereas Apple demanded Samsung stop ripping off its designs.

The tech giants have been involved in a massive patent war since last spring that includes more than 20 cases across the globe. Almost all of the cases have involved patent and design infringement on both sides.

Unfortunately, it seems we won't be seeing a legal agreement from these two anytime soon. Both sides seems to be pushing too hard for that. A trial between Samsung and Apple is slated for July here in the United States.


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