Amazon Cloud Player launches for iPhone and iPod Touch

News Stephen Tenerowicz 12:36, Jun 12 2012

Amazon releases a version of its Cloud Player for the iPhone and iPod Touch that lets users stream music from afar

Amazon on Tuesday finally released a version of its Cloud Player music streaming app for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. The app is available now in the iTunes App Store.

For those unfamiliar with Amazon's Cloud Player, the app lets users stream, download and manage their Amazon tunes stored in Amazon's MP3 locker service. Up until today, Amazon music was only available in Web browsers and handsets running Google's Android OS.

When you first download the Cloud Player app, Amazon will ask you to sign into your Amazon account. The app will then ask if you want  to start adding songs or sync music to your iPhone. Users can also auto-download Amazon MP3 purchases if they so choose, but that feature is turned off by default.

Amazon famously launched its cloud-based music service with an app in March of last year. The company launched the Cloud Player service and mobile app without the support of record labels, which were reportedly furious about the music locker at the time.

So will Amazon's Cloud Player make a big splash on iOS like it has on Android? Right now it is really too early to tell, but it seems unlikely. While the service and app are definitely top notch, Apple won't ever really let Amazon sell music on its platform. For some, though, it will work. Those using an Android and iOS device will definitely find it useful.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the app is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch right now. An iPad-specific version hasn't been launched, but might be at some point. Considering this version took over a year to launch on iOS, however, I don't expect an iPad-only version to arrive in the near term. In other words -- don't hold your breath.

The Amazon Cloud Player for iOS is free and available now. Those interested can find it here.



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