T-Mobile, Dollar General team for prepaid wireless

News Marin Perez 14:23, Jun 25 2012

T-Mobile will bring no-contract 4G service to the discount chain across the United States.

In another sign that prepaid wireless service is on the rise, T-Mobile and Dollar General have announced a partnership which will offer the carrier's no-contract service in the retailer's stores across the United States.

The move means 6,400 Dollar General stores will carry the Samsung t139 phone and multiple prepaid plans. These plans include the Monthly4G no-contract deal, which includes unlimited talk, text and web for about $50 a month. The partnership kicks off in July.

“Dollar General is the nation’s largest small-box retailer and a well-respected company that customers go to when looking to get the most for their money," said Amy McCune, senior vice president of national accounts, T-Mobile USA, in a prepared statement. "This is a natural partnership to help bring Dollar General customers to America’s Largest 4G Network at an incredible value."

Now that I've gone fully prepaid, I tend to pay a bit more attention to these sorts of stories because I'm still not sure if this is a long-term trend or if we're still just facing bad economic times. Many of the stigmas are gone from prepaid now - you can get an iPhone prepaid now - so it will be fun to see if we see more partnerships like this down the road.

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