Google Music for Android receives UI refresh; now available in Google Play Store

News Stephen Tenerowicz 17:56, Jul 18 2012

The latest Google Music for Android update brings an all-new look to the popular music app

Google on Wednesday released an all new, completely redesigned version of its Google Music for Android mobile app. The new app adds large images and new navigation, and is much, much faster.

If you are not familiar Google Music, it is basically a music service that lets users stream music from a Google-managed music locker. Up until Wednesday, the app available on Android was a little dated, slow and not really smooth. This new update, however, changes that.

In terms of UI, the new version of Google Music for Android is very similar to the new YouTube for Android app. Aside from the new navigation system, the app also adds a new widget as well as a transparent action bar. It's essentially the same version of Google Music found on the Nexus 7.

So, what other features does the new app sport? Well, we now also get support for for 320kbps music streaming and thumbs down recommendations, as well as faster animations. The biggest thing about the revamp, though, is really that the app is just much more polished -- and that's huge.

All in all, the new Google Music for Android update is superb and much better than the current version. I would definitely recommend it to Android users and music fans.

Google Music for Android is free and available now in the Google Play Store. It can be used to listen to locally stored music and stream tunes from your Google Account.

Do you use Google Music? If so, what do you think of the new app?



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