Samsung Music Hub lands on Galaxy S3

News Marin Perez 14:49, Jul 31 2012

The Samsung Music Hub provides a music competitor to services like Spotify and Pandora

Samsung is taking on Google Music and Spotify with its new Music Hub service and this could make your Galaxy S3 a music-lover's delight. 

The Samsung Music Hub enables you to upload your collection to the cloud, stream those on your device and also purchase new tracks. The service has millions of songs (including the four major labels) that can be streamed to you or you can download tracks to your device for offline playing. 

The cloud locker feature will let you upload songs to the Internet once you've installed the Music Hub Uploader. Whenever you purchase a new song from the Music Hub, it will be automatically added to your cloud locker. 

The Samsung Music Hub also promises ways to help you discover new music. There's a radio feature which will blend together your songs and others, and when you tag a certain song, it will be saved for later. This seems to be similar to what Spotify is trying to do on the mobile side of things. 

Samsung Music Hub premium will cost $9.99 a month and this gives you access to the music on the web, store their music in the cloud, stream any track or catalog and use the personal radio. There's a free version which will let you manage your personal music collection and buy additional songs. 

If you have a Galaxy S3 on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular or Verizon, you can sign up for a free trial of the premium service for 30 days. It seems like a nice way to kick the tires. 

[Via Samsung]

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