Apple exec endorsed 7-inch iPad

News Marin Perez 18:58, Aug 03 2012

In the Samsung, Apple trial, it was revealed that high-ranking Apple execs liked the idea of a smaller iPad

Apple executives said there could be a market for a 7-inch tablet and this will further fuel the speculation that we'll see a smaller iPad in the near future. 

Apple and Samsung are in the middle of a patent trial and during the testimony of Apple's Scott Forstall, it was revealed that Apple's Eddy Cue sent e-mails to other execs extolling the virtues of the 7-inch form factor. 

"I believe there will be a 7-inch market and we should do one," Cue wrote, according to AllThingsD

This comes as the rumor mill is loudly saying that we'll see a mini iPad soon, maybe as soon as Sept. 12. The rumors suggest that this smaller tablet will have a 7.86-inch screen with the resolution of the iPad 2. That resolution is important because it means that hundreds of thousands of apps would be compatible out of the gates. 

The Cue email was in reference to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is not seen as a massive hit. The 7-inch tablet market really started to take off with the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire late last year. Amazon didn't release specific sales figures for this but it's widely expected to have sold a few million units thanks to its consumer-friendly $199 price point. 

Google is also trying its hand at the 7-inch tablet space, as it just introduced the Nexus 7. This also has the $199 entry-level price but it's also packed to the brimm with the latest hardware and is just a fantastic piece of technology. It's especially good once you've learned its tips and tricks, which we've put together for you here.  

The Apple iPad mini is still just speculation but if it really does come out this Fall, it will be interesting to see how Apple prices it. Does Apple keep pace with the competition or does it think people will pay a premium for an iPad? 

[Via AllThingsD]

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