Steve Jobs’ iPad ends up in clown’s hands

News Tony Crammond 10:44, Aug 17 2012

One of the two iPad’s stolen in the burglary at Steve Jobs’ home has been found...being used as part of a clown’s routine

The burglary of the late Steve Jobs’ California home has been well publicized, but events in the case have taken a decidedly comedic twist after news emerged that Jobs’ iPad, which was among items taken from the property, ended up in the possession of a clown.

The device was being used as part of a routine by the children’s entertainer, after it was given to him as an apparent gift by his friend Kariem McFarlin – the man who was eventually charged with committing the crime.

Kenny the Clown, (real name Kenneth Kahn), was unaware that the device was taken in the raid, which also netted $60,000 worth of other assorted loot, but he remained philosophical after learning of its checkered past. He went so far as to defend his friend, McFarlin, describing him as "a nice guy who made a horrible, horrible decision."

The other items taken during the burglary, which include Jobs’ wallet, jewelry and electrical goods, have since been returned to the Jobs family, but McFarlin will still have to face a judge and will almost certainly receive jail time for the crime. In the meantime, Kenny the Clown will likely have to go back to playing his music on a giant xylophone.

Via Gizmodo

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