Amazon smartphone reportedly confirmed, could be unveiled Thursday

News Stephen Tenerowicz 20:38, Sep 05 2012

Amazon might be getting ready to enter the smartphone space for the very first time

Amazon may unveil its own branded smartphone Thursday, according to a new report on Wednesday. The handset will reportedly be shown off to the press, along with the all-new Kindle Fire 2 and new back-lit "paper white" Kindle e-reader. 

Citing multiple sources, the report claims Amazon's smartphone will run a version of the Kindle Fire's Android-based operating system. Like the Fire 2, that software will likely be a forked version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Further news of a purported Amazon smartphone is not too surprising, considering just about everyone is making a smartphone these days. Amazon has also already designed a tablet and tablet OS, so the next logical step was its own smartphone.

Several reports also surfaced earlier this year indicating the retail giant was indeed working on its own handset. Back in July, both The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg confirmed that the retailer was testing handsets

Unfortunately, sources could not provide an exact date as to when Amazon will actually launch its purported handset, other than that it could be shown off Thursday in L.A. We should note, however, that the smartphone might not be on the agenda at all.

Overall, it will be interesting to see what Amazon introduces. Out of all the players out there, it really has the best chance to rival Apple. Amazon has the content and now it seems it might also have the smartphone.



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