Nokia: Our maps are better than Apple, Google

News Marin Perez 14:16, Sep 21 2012

Nokia Maps is better than Google, Apple Maps, Nokia said in blog post

With all the hubbub over the new Maps in iOS 6, Nokia wants to remind you that it has some pretty good maps of its own. 

In a blog post promoting the upcoming Lumia 920, Nokia asserts that its Nokia Maps is better than Google Maps or the Apple Maps found in the iPhone 5 for a variety of reasons. You'd expect this type of chest beating around the release of the iPhone 5 but Nokia may actually have a point.

"Unlike our competitors, which are financing their location assets with advertising or licensing mapping content from third parties, we completely own, build and distribute mapping content, platform and apps," Nokia wrote.

Nokia spent more than $8 billion to buy Navteq a few years ago and it is one of the largest providers of mapping data around. It's pretty universally acknowledged that the Apple Maps in iOS 6 is not quite as good as Google Maps, but Nokia is even claiming to have more features than what Google offers. 

One advantage of the Nokia Maps over Google Maps is that it offers real offline mapping. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean does have an offline mode where you can cache certain areas, it's not as robust as the Nokia solution. Additionally, Nokia Maps has turn-by-turn navigation in more than 110 countries while Apple only offers 56 and Google has 39. 

To see how the upcoming Lumia 920 stacks up against the iPhone 5, please read this comparison post.

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