T-Mobile ready for iPhone in Las Vegas

News Marin Perez 06:28, Sep 25 2012

T-Mobile said its 4G network in Las Vegas is ready to support unlocked iPhones

You generally don't hear carriers crowing about the performance of phones it doesn't sell but T-Mobile is boasting about the 4G performance you'll get on its network when you use an unlocked iPhone in Las Vegas.

That's right, T-Mobile is the only major carrier in the United States that doesn't offer the iPhone, but the company has repurposed some of its spectrum in the 1900Mhz band to work well with unlocked iPhones. In fact, T-Mobile is saying that an unlocked iPhone 4S using its network in Las Vegas recorded 70 percent faster download speeds than the iPhone 4S on AT&T's network.

I think what this announcement really shows is how important the iPhone is in the American smartphone market and how much it hurts T-Mobile to not be able to offer devices like the iPhone 5. A large reason why it can't sell Apple smartphones is that its 4G network operates on odd spectrum, but one would think that if it offered enough money, Apple would find a way to accommodate it. I mean, Sprint is spending about $20 billion to be able to offer the iPhone and even smaller carriers like Cricket Wireless offer Apple's smartphone. 

We know that T-Mobile will also make a push to woo the unlocked iPhone crowd but I don't know how significant this will be for its bottom line. The company did say that it already has more than one million iPhones on its network but it will need 10 times that amount to really move the needle on its bottom line. 

[Image credit: Wikimedia]

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