iPad 4th generation revealed

News Stacy Warden 14:06, Oct 23 2012

Apple introduces its latest full-size iPad with an A6X chip

Along with the official launch of its heavily rumored iPad Mini (yes, it's really a thing), Apple also introduced a fourth-generation version of its full-sized tablet. The latest model is similar to the “new iPad” which also launched this year (and now seems like a really stupid name choice).

At the surface, both versions are near mirror images of each other, but iPad 4th generation has some noteworthy additions. For one, it comes with the redesigned Lightning port (the main visible difference). And then there's expanded LTE (should you choose to splurge for coverage; if not, Wi-Fi only is still an option). 

It also sports an A6X chip, which has twice the CPU and graphics power as the third-generation iPad (I'm not going to get into a rant here -- we'll save that for a later post -- but how unbelievably irritating, considering the time frame in which these were both released). 

Apple says this thing will last you for a good 10 hours before needing a charge; nothing new there. The company also mentioned FaceTime HD being a thing, so let's make sure you've got the lighting just right before planning any digital dates on the fourth-gen iPad. 

As for pricing, it's the same scale as the "new iPad" (which, again, suddenly feels downright archaic; and yes, I'm still having a fit about it); 16GB Wi-Fi only starts at $499. 

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