Samsung Galaxy S3 ads tout NFC, large screen

News Marin Perez 23:18, Oct 24 2012

The latest Samsung Galaxy S3 ads move away from the iPhone and tout its own abilities

Samsung has released a trio of new Galaxy S3 ads and these ones shift away from comparing it to the iPhone...for the most part.  

The previous Galaxy S3 were pretty clever attacks against the iPhone, as some would point out how silly it is to wait in line for a handset and others would imply that the iPhone is the device for your mom. The latest series of ads do more to tout the Galaxy S3's features. 

That includes the Music Hub, the ability to use NFC to transfer over videos and pictures and more. There's still one reference to the iPhone and its smaller screen, but it's much more subtle than the previous series of Samsung attack ads. 

Watch them below and let us know what you think. 




[Via Android Authority]

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