Apple CEO calls Microsoft Surface 'confusing'

News Marin Perez 13:29, Oct 26 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the Microsoft Surface doesn't pose a challenge to the iPad and iPad mini

It looks like reviewers aren't the only ones putting down the Microsoft Surface tablet, as Apple CEO Tim Cook recently took a few shots at the device. 

Apple had a good quarter with more than $8 billion in profits but it kind of disappointed when it came to iPad sales. Well, it "disappointed" compared to analyst expectations but it still sold 14 million units. 

During the conference call to announce the earnings, an analyst asked Apple CEO Tim Cook about the Microsoft Surface and if it presented a challenge to the iPad and the iPad mini. Cook was not very complimentary. 

"I haven't played with a Surface yet but what we are reading about it is that it is a compromised and confusing product," Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the company's earnings call, according to ABC News."I think when people look at the iPad versus competitive offerings, they will continue to want an iPad."

Cook said that since Microsoft was trying to create a device that was a tablet and a mobile laptop, it was just making a muddled gadget. He likened it to creating a car that could fly and float but that wouldn't do anything well. 

Microsoft, obviously, disagrees and it believes that the Surface deliver a "no-compromise" experience. During a press event launching Windows 8, Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky cracked a joke about how overpriced the iPad mini was, according to AllThingsD.

We're going to have a war of words and devices over the next few months between the old rivals, and the good news is that this should lead to better products and software for consumers. 

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