Path releases an iPad app -- finally

News Stacy Warden 15:19, Nov 01 2012

Path's native iPad app hits the App Store just in time for Apple's mini tablet

Path has finally launched its long-awaited social network app for the iPad just in time for the release of Apple's new mini tablet. And yes, it will be compatible with the new 7.9-inch screen, as well as all generations of Apple's full-sized iPads. 

Path's iPad app is quite similar to its iPhone counterpart in that you get all of the same goodies -- but in an expansive view. Scrolling through your friends list and news feed is a lot easier and it all looks pretty slick in landscape mode. Viewing Path in landscape also allows you to see a lot more; you can view everything from the entire day in one shot (swiping back will allow you to view content from previous days). 

Perhaps one of the app's best features is the ability to quickly and easily acquire additional content directly. Let's say a friend is listening to a song that you've never heard. Once you click on that image, you'll be able to gain extra info -- and give it a listen if you want -- right on your iPad. You can do this with pretty much anything that you find interesting in your feed. 

A little background info

The scaled-down social network, for those unfamiliar, limits your friend count to a modest 150 in order to create a more intimate environment. That's still quite an overwhelming number for some folks (seriously, who the hell hangs out with 150 friends on average in real life?), but it's a mere fraction of what you typically see on networks like Facebook (by the way, you can login or sign up directly to Path's app using your Facebook account). 

In brief, Path makes it possible to let your guard down a little more (read: less self-editing), since you're only sharing with a select number of friends and family. Not that it's ever stopped the average Facebook user from posting entirely too much information in one single status update. 

You can download Path's iPad app here

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