Election 2012: Mobile apps for the aftermath

News Stacy Warden 09:58, Nov 06 2012

Looking for a dive to drown your post-election blues? Need a recipe for a patriotic cocktail party? We've got it all here

Tonight's election results are about to cause a collective fit of emotions, no matter the outcome. There will be tears, there will be laughter and there will be plenty of heated discussion. Whether you end up needing to drown your sorrows at the bottom of a bottle, or you're given a cause for celebration, we've got your back. 

Hightail it to Canada

Or anywhere outside of U.S. boundaries. If things didn't exactly go as you'd hoped, here's your big chance to make good on the countless times you swore you'd leave the country if your guy wasn't elected (or re-elected). Pack your bags and book a room with our list of travel apps.

Drown your sorrows

Feeling down n' out? It's alright, your local bartender has the perfect fix. Just make sure you pick a pub where your complaints will be well received. Check out Foursquare, Urbandaddy and Yelp for your local recommendations. You can also opt to stay in with a six-pack, and eat your stress with one of our favorite apps for finding the best junk food in your area. 

Rejoice in the results

Well look at how swell that whole voting thing worked out for you; your guy won! You can leave that passport tucked in your top dresser drawer and the dive bars for the losing team. This is your night to celebrate and you're gonna do it someplace pleasant – yep, dust off that glassware and make sure your bar is fully stocked, because you're about to host a politically-fueled party. Check out our list of apps for mixing up your own cocktails.

Tweet about it

Whether you're as pleased as punch or downright angry, you can sound off with your post-election thoughts with the rest of the internet on Twitter. The native client is fine for what it is -- but if you're planning to tweet up a storm, you can get it done faster with one of these top Twitter apps for iOS and Android

Keep calm and read on

Maybe your views are a little extreme, or maybe you're just happy that this is all over (or just starting?). When you're too reserved to partake in chatter regarding your political leanings, curl up with your smartphone or tablet and stay quietly informed with our picks for politically-minded apps. Democrats, you'll want to head here. Republicans, we've got another list just for you. 

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