Windows Phone 8 Apollo+ update probably coming soon

News Stacy Warden 09:33, Nov 27 2012

Microsoft rumored to be rolling out its first Windows Phone 8 update in Q1 2013

Microsoft is expected to roll out its first big Windows Phone 8 update sometime during Q1 2013. The update, codenamed Apollo+ (or Apollo Plus), will purportedly serve one main purpose: to fix all of the junk that's either screwy or just flat-out missing (VPN support) in the current OS. 

Here's the tweet, from @Football4PDA, that started the speculation:

"MS is going to roll out update for WP8, which is called Apollo+ in Q1 2013..."

According to a recent report from The Verge, Microsoft is slated to divulge details about its Apollo+ update during Mobile World Congress in February 2013. That same report points to the update, including a Wi-Fi connectivity fix, VPN support and audio improvements, among other features that will (hopefully) soon be revealed. 

In the past, Microsoft required its users to update their devices the old fashioned way by plugging into a PC. But this update is supposedly doing away with the requirement of pesky cords and other clunky junk, as it's also expected to be available over the air. Here's to hoping that it goes over without a hitch. 

Whether Microsoft will actually include VPN or any of the other aforementioned features in its next update remains unclear. Hell, we're not even entirely sure it'll be called Apollo+ (though it would make sense). We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, let us know what you think. Are you a Windows Phone 8 user? What features are you hoping for in the update?

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