Facebook app update for BlackBerry proves people still support RIM

News Stacy Warden 14:32, Dec 05 2012

Facebook for BlackBerry gets new and improved features in version 3.3

Facebook for BlackBerry just got an update. Yes, for real. Because there are apparently still a few folks clinging to RIM's once beloved smartphone. And with any luck, that number will increase when the company (FINALLY) releases BB10 in 2013 (Jan. 30 is the slated date for that). 

The Facebook BlackBerry app is now running version 3.3, which features a new look, "refreshed" icons (whatever that means) and better navigation. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is supposedly better with connectivity, too. 

Look, I'm not a BlackBerry user (anymore), but some of these new Facebook features sound pretty sweet. Most notably, the ability to start BBM chats straight from the app. Frankly, Facebook's native chat feature seriously sucks, so this seems like a viable alternative. 

Another feature is PIN sharing with your Facebook network. This lets you see which of your friends use BlackBerry too (probably not many ... just sayin'). When you find the other three folks who are RIM loyalists, you can simply tap to add them to your contacts. And you guys can use BBM to all chat about how excited you are for BB10 or how you're still totally bummed about that time RIM put its corporate jet up for sale

Additionally, you'll now be able to quickly un-friend people from the app. That'll be super useful when they start talking smack about your favorite smartphone (I'm kidding, mostly). 


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