RIM teases BlackBerry 10 handset

News Marin Perez 11:42, Dec 10 2012

RIM put up a Web site showing teasing its BlackBerry 10 smartphone, which should launch in early 2013

Research In Motion is teasing the upcoming launch of its BlackBerry 10 platform by showing off an image of its upcoming smartphone. 

The image doesn't reveal much but many expect the first BlackBerry 10 to be launched in early 2013 and it should be a full touchscreen device. RIM has shown off a Dev Alpha device and we expect the first BlackBerry 10 handset to look somewhat like this but far more refined. 

RIM has a lot riding on BlackBerry 10, as the company is facing a steep decline in market share in the United States. Android and the iPhone have eaten RIM's lunch over the last few years, although BlackBerry handsets have been doing surprisingly well in emerging markets. 

Part of the problem has been that the BlackBerry operating system was nowhere close to iOS, Android and Windows Phone in terms of user interface or developer options. Basically, RIM has been trying to compete against modern smartphones with an old platform and customers have been leaving in droves. 

BlackBerry 10 gives RIM a modern, re-imagined mobile OS that could be every bit as good as the competition. We've seen some demonstrations of this and the result is a pleasing user interface and new gesture controls. I think there will be a steep learning curve to use BlackBerry 10, but it does position RIM well moving forward.  

RIM is expected to show off its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone at the end of January 2013 and devices should be released shortly after. That's assuming BlackBerry 10 doesn't face any more delays

[Via RIM, BGR]

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