Facebook for iPhone gets faster timeline, new features

News Stacy Warden 08:08, Dec 14 2012

Facebook's latest iPhone update includes a little something Android owners already had

Facebook for iPhone received a nice little update on Thursday. The announcement came just after we heard about the social network making major improvements to its Android app, which had been a long time coming.

Frankly, Facebook for Android was a bit of a train wreck in comparison to its iOS counterpart, and it had some serious catching up to do there. That said, the iPhone update isn't quite as major as all that, but Facebook says it's faster than before -- particularly where News Feed and Timeline are concerned. Essentially, everything should load more quickly than before, affording you less time to over think, and giving you less of an excuse to complain about Facebook on Facebook.  

But here's the part I find most interesting about Facebook's iPhone update: the ability to pick an album when you're uploading photos straight from the app. Yes, I know, it's not really that big of a deal -- but it kind of is when you consider that this feature already rolled out to Android owners in October. Plenty of folks have been quick to point out how far ahead Facebook has been with its iOS app; that all of its mobile focus was placed on Apple's platform while Android, as usual, settled for another round of sloppy seconds. 

But at least we can see that hasn't been the case all around. Android did, indeed, have to wait it out where performance was concerned, but at least it got a taste of a new feature before iOS received it. We should be seeing plenty more, too, assuming Facebook holds true to its new "mobile first" strategy of updating its apps every four to eight weeks. Who knows, maybe that means both Android and iPhone owners will receive the newest features together, but I wouldn't count on it. 



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