YouTube Capture app lets you upload videos

News Marin Perez 14:48, Dec 17 2012

The YouTube iPhone app gets an update to let you instantly upload your mobile phone videos to the video service

Google has released a new iPhone app and YouTube Capture should make it easier for you to upload videos from your iPhone or iPod touch to YouTube.

When you launch the YouTube Capture app, you'll be able to record videos and then quickly share it with the video network. The app includes neat features like backbround uploading, the ability to color correct, edit the video on the fly and add free background music.

It's a somewhat odd move for Google to release this YouTube Capture app because the iOS camera already lets you upload to YouTube from its video gallery. Still, ever since Apple removed YouTube from iOS 6, Google may be wanting to have as much control over its own experiences on iOS as possible.

You can download the YouTube Capture app from the App Store here (iTunes link). Google said it's also working on bringing the YouTube Capture app to Android in the future. 

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