Instagram alternatives: our top five picks

News Stacy Warden 15:03, Dec 18 2012

Ditching your Instagram account? Get your photo filter fix with these substitutes

Planning on ditching your Instagram account for good? You're not alone. After the popular photo-sharing service announced its shoddy new terms of service on Monday, plenty of users have expressed similar sentiments. Still, you shouldn't have to give up your camera-happy, social-loving ways just because Instagram -- and parent company Facebook -- decided to be total creeps about they way they conduct business. Here are five of our favorite Instagram alternatives when you're in need of a fix. 

Twitter (iPhone; Android)

Yep, you read that one right. Thanks to Instagram disabling integration with Twitter Cards (which made it a cinch to share and view your Instagram shots directly to your Twitter feed), the social network revealed some filters of its own. You can now share and edit photos, complete with filters, directly from Twitter's iOS and Android apps. 

Aviary (iPhone; Android)

Aviary is already a hit with both iPhone and Android users, and that's because it offers a laundry list of sweet photo effects. You can choose from standard enhancement features including an auto, night, backlit and balance mode that you can use when snapping shots to ensure that you're maximizing your lighting situation. Aviary also starts you off with 12 free effects, and if that's not enough, you can pay a small fee for additional ones afterward.

Flickr (iPhone; Android)

It's a name we're all familiar with at this point, as Flickr has been around now for what feels like the very dawn of the Internet. But the app isn't quite as old school, and it's filters aren't even close to being archaic (in fact, they're downright fancy, if you ask us). But our very favorite thing about Flickr is how lovingly it lets us know that we still own the pants off any photos we shoot within the app, along with those we upload to Flickr's site.  

Camera+ (iPhone)

Remember when Instagram was all exclusive to iPhone owners? Remember how good that felt? Well, you can relive that elitism once again with Camera+, because it doesn't appear to have an Android app yet. The app, which is currently priced at 99 cents, comes with several built-in filters, and if that doesn't sate your sepia-inspired needs, additional packs can be purchased. You'll also have the ability to manually set the focus and exposure with a simple tapping gesture. 

Pixlr-o-matic (iPhone; Android)

Sometimes, you have to save the best for last, and this very well may be it. Much like Instagram, Pixlr has its own browser version too, but one that's actually useful for editing, and not just bragging. Look, we're not trying to be instant Instagram-haters here, but Pixlr offers a ridiculous number of filters, oddly named after people (we've really grown to love Anne, Hagrid and Sofia). You also get a crap ton of borders. And effects. Really, the options feel downright limitless.

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