New Year's Eve 2013: apps to help you count down

News Stacy Warden 11:00, Dec 26 2012

Count down to 2013 with these iPhone and Android apps

It doesn't matter where you choose to spend New Year's Eve as long as you have your smartphone. These festive apps will help you count down to 2013 and will ensure that wherever you are, you won't miss a beat. 

Times Square Official New Year's Eve Ball app (iPhone; Android)

There's really nothing quite like spending New Year's Eve in New York City. But whether you're in Times Square or Timbuktu, you can still count down like a native New Yorker with this app. Both iPhone and Android owners alike will have access to six hours of uninterrupted entertainment, straight from Times Square. Festivities kick off at 6 p.m. EST.

New Year's Live (iPhone)

Ever wish you could be in several places at once for NYE? Well, you can this year. Sort of. New Year's Live app for iPhone lets you track coverage from several party-lovin' locations including New York City, New Orleans and Los Angeles, to name a few. 

Countdown Timer Pro (iPhone)

This app is actually useful all year long, but we especially like it for its NYE countdown. The timer's "New Year" category lists countries all across the globe in order of which ones ring in 2013 first. It's perfect for knowing exactly when to call up your pals in other countries to wish 'em a Happy New Year. 

FlashMob New Year's Fireworks (Android)

Stuck ringing in 2013 at home? Crack open that bubbly and have your own personal party with this fireworks app. You can watch fireworks shows from all over the globe including major landmarks like Sydney Harbour, Victoria Harbor, Saint Basil's Cathedral, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and, of course, our very own Times Square. 

New Year's Oracle (iPhone)

OK, so this one's a little weird, but sometimes that makes for buckets of fun. There's apparently this ancient tradition of pouring molten lead into cold water, which then morphs the lead into some completely random shape. That shape is serious business, as it's supposedly a prediction of your future for the next year. Rather than risking blistering fingers and poisonous fumes at your New Year's Eve party, let this app simulate the whole thing for you. 

Party Noisemaker (iPhone)

This one claims it'll make you the "coolest person at the party." We're not so sure about that (in fact, it might make you look the silliest), but it'll certainly help you have a good time. You can choose from five different sounds including the classic noisemaker. 

New Year's 2013 (Android)

Need a noisemaker for your Android? This one offers several different party sounds, which are activated by simply tapping or shaking your phone. You'll also have access to a countdown clock so you can make sure you don't miss the New Year's Eve 2013 ball drop while you're waving your virtual noisemaker around the pub. Even better, anxious types can start counting down as early as they like ... like, as in now -- so get to it! 

While you're busy prepping for NYE, here are some apps to help you stay safe on your big night out. 

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