BlackBerry 10: Leaked images indicate video chat is on its way

News Stacy Warden 08:11, Dec 28 2012

BlackBerry 10 video chat looks official. Will you use it?

BlackBerry video chat may very well be a thing soon, if we're to believe the latest leaked BB10 images. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has already hinted that the upcoming BlackBerry 10 will sport video chat, so it's not exactly shocking, but freshly leaked images are leading fans to believe it's now official. 

The leak suggests that, along with video chat on BBM, BlackBerry 10 users will also have the ability to share their screen during calls. Also revealed here is a new "BlackBerry Remember" task manager, which can sync with Outlook; it could also include Evernote integration. 

The leaked images, originally found on CrackBerry's reader forums, have since been pulled from the site, which is just adding fuel to our curiousity. And, you know, it's leading us to believe that the supposed "presentation slides" were actually the real deal (or maybe just something very close to it). 

In any case, BBM video chat would be an essential upgrade for BlackBerry's new OS, and we're hoping it pulls through. At this point, RIM had damn well better bring out all the bells and whistles with its BB10 launch, lest it fall even deeper into the trenches than it already has. 

RIM is slated to launch its new BlackBerry 10 near the end of January 2013.



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