Facebook Messenger adds voice feature

News Stacy Warden 17:01, Jan 03 2013

Facebook's mobile Messenger for iOS and Android challenges rivals with its new voice feature

Just as promised Facebook is continuing to make major improvements and introduce new features for its mobile platform. This time around, it's focusing on its Messenger apps for both iOS and Android. Thankfully, we can say that this one already looks a heck of a lot better than that whole Snapchat-inspired Poke feature

The social network announced Thursday that its Messenger apps will allow users to send voice messages back and forth. Those messages, however, will have to be brief, as you'll only get a minute's length for each one. Then again, SMS requires us to be precise already (cutting us off at 160 characters) so we're probably all good on that one. 

Wanna give it a shot? You can find the voice option right next to Facebook's photo and camera buttons. When you're ready to start your message, simply push and hold the Record function. If you don't like what you've recorded, you'll have the option to cancel before it's sent. 

That's all fine and dandy, and it's exciting for folks who were already keen on voice messages with other apps and services outside of Facebook. But that's not all the social network is planning. Facebook also mentioned that it has a new VoIP calling feature in the works with its iOS app. This would make it possible for folks to ring up their Facebook friends without forking over extra on their mobile calling plans (keep in mind that messenger features do require data).

That feature, however, will only be available in Canada to start. And it feels a little more like catching up than anything new, as AllThingsD points out, Skype and Google Voice already provide such options. 

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