AT&T Dev Summit: No new phones, tablets

News Marin Perez 14:18, Jan 07 2013

AT&T didn't show off any new smartphones or tablets at its Developer Summit but it did show off its Digital Life services

We were hoping for a big show from AT&T at its Developer Summit but the carrier mainly focused on its home automation services, updated its 4G LTE plans and gave developers new tools. 

To be fair, AT&T introduced the Pantech Discover earlier in the day and it could be an impressive device. It sports some high-end specs with a $50 price tag (with a new contract), so it's a nice entry-level handset. Still, after it introduced six new devices at last year's show, we were hoping for some more devices this year. 

Instead, AT&T focused on beefing up its API platforms for developers (this is a developer conference, after all) and this is includes new speech capabilities, the ability to utilize your AT&T phone number in new ways and stronger support for HTML5. We also saw a Hackathon project win $30,000 for creating an app that monitors your brain waves to see if you're in the proper mood to receive a call. 

AT&T focused much of its attention on Digital Life, a home security and automation solution that will be rolling out in March. This all-IP service will focus on wireless technology to let you do things like monitor your home via smartphone, tablets and computers. 

Digital Life seems pretty interesting because it gives you deep access to your house when you're away. You'll be able to lock and unlock doors remotely, have windows sensors, control your appliances with apps and more. It launches in eight markets in March and AT&T plans to have it in 50 markets by the end of the year. It's unclear how much it will cost, as users can customize Digital Life and pick and choose which services it wants to use. 

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