Validity fingerprint scanner helps secure your smartphone

News 15:22, Jan 08 2013

We got a chance to speak with a fingerprint security hardware company at CES

Validity provides fingerprint security solutions and hardware for a number of device manufacturers, but it is looking to really expand in the mobile space for 2013, the company told us at CES 2013.

You may have already seen fingerprint scanning hardware on some smartphones -- perhaps the most popular one being the Motorola Atrix. But so far, most security measures for smartphones involve pass codes, PIN numbers or pattern drawings. Facial recognition is available on some devices, but it doesn't work very well. Since fingerprints are unique to every individual, it makes sense that this technology will eventually make it to our most sensitive devices: our smartphones.

Validity is partnering with smartphone manufacturers, though it couldn't tell me which ones, to get this technology embedded into smartphones by the second half of 2013.

During the second half of 2012, Validity also announced that it had just raised $20 million in Series E funding.

In the video demo below, you'll see just how easily it works using a Samsung Galaxy S2.

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