Libon for iPhone lets you personalize communication with friends worldwide [Video]

News 17:52, Jan 08 2013

It's sort of like Skype, but slightly more personal...we think

Libon showed off its services to me at CES 2013 and I figured it was worth sharing for those who want a nice alternative to Skype. How does it work? Well, pretty much like Skype, I guess. You can message other friends who use Libon, and you can also call them via Libon. The only thing is that it will cost you if you want to make international calls, but Libon is doing a 15-day trial for those interested. On the trial, you can make unlimited international calls for 15 whole days.

Another thing Libon liked to show off is its ability to recognize who's calling you and to give them all separate greetings. If you greet different people in different ways in person, why not extend that to the phone, too? You can either record these greetings or type them out and a voice will read them for you.

The UI looks pretty clean as well as the app's overall design. It's only available on the iPhone right now, but it's coming to Android in March, so you won't have to wait much longer if it's something you're interested in. Everything you need to know is shown in the video below.

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