BlackBerry 10 receives support from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

News Stacy Warden 09:41, Jan 10 2013

Top U.S. wireless providers pay RIM a big compliment

RIM's BlackBerry 10 is already receiving support from three of the top U.S. wireless providers including Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. All three carriers noted this week that they would support the company's upcoming BB10 devices, according to a recent report from Reuters

According to the report, execs at Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have all said they're looking forward to the new BlackBerry handsets. "We're hopeful it's going to be a good device," Lowel McAdam, chief executive of Verizon, said in an interview during CES 2013. He then added, "We'll carry it." AT&T has reportedly noted that it also supports BB10, but mentioned no specifics on which devices it may or may not carry. 

T-Mobile said it, too, plans to carry BlackBerry 10. Chief executive John Legere said, "We're extremely optimistic that it's going to be a successful prodcut and our business customers are extremely interested in it." Legere also mentioned during CES on Wednesday that T-Mobile will begin selling the iPhone in three to four months, which is, to say the least, not such great news for RIM. 

RIM will need all of the love it can get for its newest BlackBerry 10 lineup if it hopes to pose any competition whatsoever to big-time rivals like Apple and Samsung. Some carriers have already been able to test BB10 on their networks to ensure compatibility. 

RIM's BlackBerry 10 devices are expected to launch this month. Will you buy one?






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