Google Play Store lets more developers get up close and personal

News Stacy Warden 12:49, Jan 10 2013

Google already allowed top app developers to respond to user reviews; now it's opening the doors for everyone

Anonymity is totally lame. Google must think so, too, because it's gone through a whole revamp of the way it allows Android owners to post reviews in the Google Play Store. And now it will soon let developers of any ol' app comment on those reviews. Google had already let its top developers do this, but it recently decided to let more folks in. 

Here's what a Google Spokeswoman told The Next Web:

"The feature originally rolled out to top developers, and we're gradually expanding it to additional Google Play developers."

OK, so "additional" might not mean all developers. In fact, the statement is so vague it could mean a lot of things. Still, it sounds like a step in the right direction. Certainly, good things can come of building relationships between developers and the people who use their apps, right? Questions can be more easily and more quickly answered -- even when they're not exactly framed as questions. Take this exchange, for example:

It's definitely not the worst. It's informative and straight to the point. And now other Android owners considering downloading the app know why this whole icon thing is such a hassle, and that it can potentially be fixed soon. So, regardless of whether you like having your identity revealed every time you post a review to the Google Play Store, it can indeed be useful, and it's certainly more inviting for developers to respond to our praise and criticisms of their apps. 


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