iPad 5 and second gen iPad mini will be here in March, rumor has it

News Stacy Warden 11:07, Jan 11 2013

Get ready to ditch your third and fourth gen iPads, Apple's about to launch another round

Apple is about to reveal its iPad 5. Or fifth gen iPad. Or a new new new iPad. Or iPad Again. Whatever you wanna call it until the thing gets an official name or is, you know, actually official. As it goes with Apple, whenever there's a lull in product launches, so begin the rumors. 

According to the latest, Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets said his industry sources indicated during CES 2013 that a fifth gen iPad and a second gen iPad mini will hit this March. While it is just gossip for the moment, it wouldn't be completely random.

After all, Apple did launch its new iPad in March 2012, so another March launch makes sense. Then again, the company went ahead and launched another new iPad before that year was even up. If it does launch an iPad 5 when White believes it will, that would be just a five-month period between new tablets.

Now, I don't know about you guys, but this sudden flood of new iOS devices is making my head spin just a little bit. Really, after throwing down your dough for these slates, don't you kind of want to slap Apple hard across its metaphorical face and scream something like, "PULL IT TOGETHER, ALREADY, THIS ISN'T ANDROID."

Anyway, whatever, I'll get over it. On the other hand, I can barely wait another minute for the launch of the next iPad mini. I didn't bother with the current version because ... seriously, we all knew Apple was holding out on better specs for a follow up. Depending on what the company reveals when these things actually do launch (hopefully a faster chip and a freaking retina display in the mini), I'll likely be opting for the smaller tablet this time around. 

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