Facebook Phone coming Tuesday?

News Marin Perez 15:47, Jan 13 2013

Facebook has an event Tuesday and this may be the introduction of a new phone or branded apps

Facebook has an event Tuesday and the social networking giant may make some big mobile news and may even introduce its own hardware. 

The invitation simply said, "Come and see what we're building." TechCrunch has heard that the announcement will be a "big deal" and revolve around "mobile," but it's still too soon to say if this is the oft-rumored Facebook Phpne. It's not suprising that the announcement will revolve around mobile, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already described Facebook as a "mobile company," so any of its news would likely reverberate across these devices. 

We've heard rumors for years about Facebook building its own phone and I've even speculated how great this could be if pulled off properly. Zuckerberg has flatly denied that the company is building its own phone because he said that's the "wrong strategy," and that it would rather work to being on every phone, tablet and computer out there. 

It's still quite tempting to think about a real Facebook Phone though, as the company has made a lot of moves to turn the social network into its own platform of sorts. There's an app ecosystem that can run on it, messaging apps, camera capabilities and more. It could pull an Amazon and use Android as the core but strip out all the Google elements. 

All of the speculation will end in just a few days and you can be sure that we'll be giving you the latest. 

[Via TechCrunch]

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