CES 2013: Mobile still big, says ex-Microsoft bigwig

News Marin Perez 11:46, Jan 14 2013

Stephen Sinofsky said mobile, build quality and connected life were some of the key takeaways from CES 2013

Stephen Sinofsky may no longer be running Microsoft's Windows 8 division, but he's still a keen observer of the tech industry. Sinofsky just returned from CES 2013 and he said that mobile was one of the major trends from the show. 

This may be a bit surprising, as there weren't really that many major mobile handset announcements beyond the Sony Xperia Z and the new Huawei Ascend devices, but Sinofsky said the mobile trend is larger than just new gadgets. 

"Stating the obvious, mobile is front and center for every product," he wrote. Where CES used to think mobile was in the North Hall's auto section, now everything is mobile. Where cables, connectors, and wire used to occupy the LV Hilton ... there are now radios and antennas. Even power consumption is now focused on battery life rather than mains draw." 

Companies like LG, Samsung, HTC, Nokia and others appear to be waiting for next month's Mobile World Congress to release their next high-end smartphone, but this just goes to show that you can't really escape mobile anymore. Sinofsky also pointed to design language, build quality, service integration, social integration, the broadening of Moore's law and the connected life as his key takeaways from the show. 

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[Via Stephen Sinofsky]

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