Apple's Find My iPhone feature is a nightmare for this man

News Stacy Warden 09:06, Jan 15 2013

Here's how a Sprint GPS glitch is making it impossible for one Nevada man to get a full night's sleep

Apple's Find My iPhone app has created a living nightmare for 59-year-old Wayne Dobson. Since 2011, Dobson, who lives in Las Vegas, has been dealing with one angry iPhone owner after another; folks who believe that he has their missing iOS devices. Due to a GPS glitch, these people are being directed straight to Dobson's front door. 

But it's not an issue with Apple's app, rather it appears to be a glitch with Sprint's location-tracking services. From The Las Vegas Review Journal:

"A Sprint spokeswoman said the company is researching the problem. "We will research the issue thoroughly and try to get to the bottom of what is going on and if it has anything to do with our company," spokeswoman Rachael Crocker wrote in an email.

John B. Minor and Ben Levitan, who both testify as cell phone expert witnesses in civil and criminal cases, told the paper they don't believe the problem is with the cell tower, which is close to Dobson's home. They both said the problem is more likely to be at Sprint's switchboard. A software problem is incorrectly translating coordinates to Dobson's house."

Wherever the problem lies, it's become a very real issue for Dobson, who told LVRJ that strangers just show up, even in the middle of the night. "It's a hell of a problem. It would be nice to be able to get a good night's sleep," he said. Not only that, but it's also become a huge safety issue, as these folks -- thanks to the glitch -- arrive at Dobson's place believing that he's jacked their precious phones. On one recent occasion, four men showed up together demanding that Dobson turn over a phone.

The owner of the phone had an application on a tablet computer that showed his phone was in Dobson's house. "He was ... literally proving to me that I had his cellphone," Dobson told the LVRJ.

Sprint is reportedly researching the problem. In the meantime, Dobson's uninvited guests are now greeted by a sign on his front door, explaining that he does not have their phones. 











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