AT&T pushes Jelly Bean to Galaxy S3

News Marin Perez 12:45, Jan 16 2013

The Galaxy S3 on AT&T is getting the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update pushed to it as we speak

AT&T is actively sending out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy S3 and it should be rolling out to your device as we speak. 

The Jelly Bean software was available for the AT&T Galaxy S3 but this was only through a download from the Samsung Kies desktop software. Today's move means that your Galaxy S3 will be able to download it and install the update directly. 

To install Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S3, just wait for the notification and folow the instructions on the screen. I suggest you download the update over Wi-Fi so that you won't have to use your data plan for it. Make sure your device is charged or plugged in and alot about 10-15 minutes for the update. 

Android Jelly Bean will bring a lot of cool new features to your Galaxy S3 and one of the best things is a bump in overall smoothness, thanks to "Project Butter." You can also look forward to Google Now, advanced notifications and an improved photo gallery. 

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