HTC DROID DNA: how to decline a call with a text message

User guides Stephen Tenerowicz 19:11, Jan 20 2013

Give every missed call a personal touch with our awesome user guide

Ever forced to decline a call that you just need to respond to? With the HTC DROID DNA's quick response text feature you actually can.

With Android 4.x, users can now politely decline phone calls and at the same time send the caller a quick response text message. While the feature isn't entirely new, it's extremely useful and someting I use all the time.

Now if this sounds like something you're interested in learning about, read on for more. Here we show you how to send a quick response text with ease. Before you know it, you'll be declining calls and sending texts like pro.

Anyway to get started, follow our guide below. Enjoy!

  1. After receiving a phone call on your DROID DNA, decline it by dragging the red phone icon to the lock screen ring.
  2. After declining the call, you will be give the option to set a task or send a text message - tap send a text message.
  3. Here, you will be provided with the option to send one of five texts as a quick response to the caller. Just tap the message and it will send automatically.
  4. To edit or create your own quick texts, open the phone app and tap settings.
  5. The very first option you will see is quick responses, tap on it.
  6. In this next screen you will be able to add or edit quick texts. The next time someone calls you will be able to choose any text you want.
  7. That's it!


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