Apple preps iPhablet to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note

News Stacy Warden 09:08, Jan 21 2013

Apple is working on a 4.8-inch phablet -- here's the lowdown on the most absurd iPhone rumor we've heard this month

iPhone and iPad rumors have been flooding in since the start of the new year. Most of what we've seen and heard so far sounds pretty obvious, but this latest bit just looks outright ridiculous.

Ready for it? It's a 4.8-inch iPhone. Yep, that's right, we're supposed to believe that Apple is prepping a "phablet" (that's the newfangled term for phone meets tablet, in case you missed it) to compete with the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Note devices.

The China Times reported Monday that the new iPhone will launch this year with the purported iPhone 5S, along with that cheaper iPhone we've been hearing so much about.

Here's maybe the weirdest part of the post though: The rumored handset is being referred to as the "iPhone Math." Who the heck comes up with this stuff? Does that seriously sound like something Apple has in the works? No, it really doesn't. 

It would be almost as pointless as releasing a new iPad just five months after releasing a new iPad. Then again, Apple could always wait until later in the year to show off its latest slabs -- expected launch times for the new iPad (iPad 5?) and iPad mini 2 are currently inconsistent.

This is just the latest rumor in Apple's lineup of leaks, including one that the next iPhone will be cheaper, another that it will either be called the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

As usual, we're just gonna have to wait to see what the iPhone maker reveals for 2013 when it's good and ready.


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