Behind the Apple numbers

News Marin Perez 17:21, Jan 23 2013

Apple quarterly numbers are broken down by KnowYourCell

Apple reported a record quarter but the stock market is still not pleased, as Apple's stock price is taking a beating. On an analyst conference call today, Apple dove a little deeper into its sales numbers and what it can expect moving forward. 

Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones for its quarter and 22.9 million iPads for the last three months. To put that another way, Apple sold 10 iOS devices per second for the holiday quarter. 

The iPhone continues to be a massive seller and a profit center for Apple. It didn't address how many sales were iPhone 5s compared to previous models but it did address rumors about supposed iPhone 5 demand shortages. CEO Tim Cook said that even if that one data point on reduced iPhone 5 screen purchases was true, that doesn't tell the whole story. One data point shouldn't be a proxy for the larger story, Cook said.  

China continues to be a strong market for the iPhone, as Apple said it saw "triple-digit growth" in this region for the last quarter. It will now group mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan into its own category moving forward. One can only imagine how much iPhone sales would rise if it could get on China's largest carrier, China Mobile. 

The iPad also had a banner quarter with 22.9 million sales. Cook said that the company couldn't make enough iPad mini units to keep up with demand, so that indicates that sales could have been higher.

Apple's CFO Peter Oppenheimer said the company wished it could have made more. He also said that the iPad mini has a lower profit margin than typical Apple products, so its success may actually lead to lower margins in future quarters. 

The iPad story is even more interesting when you consider that Mac sales actually dipped compared to the year before. Apple quoted IDC reports which said the overall PC market is shrinking but Apple is well-positioned in the booming tablet space. 

While the sales figures, profits and margins will always matter, Cook said that the company also judges its success in a different way.

"The most important thing to us is that our customers love our products," Cook said. "Not just buy them, love them."


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