Super Bowl 2013: iPhone and Android apps for the big game

News Stacy Warden 10:53, Jan 24 2013

Here's a list of apps to help you celebrate Super Bowl Sunday

I'm not gonna lie, I'm only into Super Bowl Sunday for the commercials. Still, I know plenty of you bros are pumped for the biggest game day (and second biggest food day!) of the year. So let's not waste any more time. Here's a list of free iPhone and Android apps to help you interact with other fans, track your favorite players and stay on top of the score. You'll even find a little Beyonce here, for good measure.

Super Bowl XLVII Guide (Android) 

Touted as the "official guide" for Super Bowl XLVII, this one promises you won't miss a beat. You can access related events, nearby restaurants, pubs and other desirable destinations. Even better, you can have notifications sent straight to your smartphone so you don't miss anything while you're slinging back those cold brews. 

NFL Mobile (iPhoneAndroid)

Released by Verizon Wireless, this one lets you track all things NFL across all of your mobile devices. The app gives you access to live audio, NFL videos and game highlights, along with breaking news. And, of course, you'll get live coverage of Super Bowl 2013. When you're not in the kitchen stocking up on more seven-layer dip, you can also use this app to check on the latest NFL blog posts. 

OnSports (iPhone; Android)

Can't clear the house in time to invite your buddies over for the big game? Or, worse yet, don't know enough other 'bros who actively follow the Super Bowl (I know, blasphemous ... right?). Not to worry; you can make new sports fiend friends with this one. Developed by Hitpost Inc., OnSports' main goal is to help you connect with other fans. You'll find plenty of user-generated content here and discussions that you can chime in on.

Super Bowl 2013 News Pro (Android)

Designed exclusively for Super Bowl 2013, this app aggregates the top news, rumors and videos surrounding the big game. You can also track the latest tweets from the official Super Bowl Twitter account straight from the app. 

Beyonce Lyrics and Video (Android)

Look, I can't promise you this one is gonna be good, or even worth your time. But since Beyonce is headlining the event, it only feels right to show her a little love here, too. Although, it may be more fitting at this point for someone to conjure up some sort of "What's Beyonce Eating" app, since folks are expressing real concern over her New Orleans restaurant choices -- which begs the question, does she not have Yelp or Foursquare on her phone?



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