Twitter Vine app lets you share short videos

News Marin Perez 11:50, Jan 24 2013

The Twitter Vine app for iPhone lets you share six-second clips on the social network

Twitter wants you to share more types of content on its social network and it has just released an iPhone app that will make it easier to share videos. 

The Vine app lets you shoot and edit videos on your device and then share them on Twitter. Of course, Twitter is known for brevity, so your videos have a maximum time limit of six seconds. 

The Vine app comes from Vine Labs, which said it has been acquired by Twitter. While this was kind of an open secret, Vine Labs confirmed this on its blog and said that you can still use Vine even if you don't have a Twitter account.

The move also shows how Twitter is moving beyond its 140-character past, as a "tweet" can now include photos (with filters), news excerpts and now, six-second videos. It will be interesting to watch how this evolves in the future.  

You can download the Vine app from iTunes here

[Via Twitter, Vine]

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