iPhone 5 jailbreak coming very soon

News 22:05, Feb 03 2013

The iPhone 5 jailbreak should arrive on Feb. 4 for those interested

If you want an iPhone 5 jailbreak solution, it ought to be a few hours away now. For the most part, it seems that jailbreaking an iPhone is pointless these days: the big reasons to jailbreak an iPhone several years ago have been addressed by newer versions of iOS. But if jailbreaking iOS 6.1 helps give you the extra goodies you need, the hacker group evad3rs has one coming.

Why jailbreak the iPhone 5? Well, although lock screen notifications, notification panes and other iOS elements are pretty good, others want even more customization and possibly widgets. While iOS is a brilliant and polished mobile operating system, it is beginning to feel somewhat stale and stagnant. And if that really matters to you, it's pretty easy to take these sorts of matters into your own hands.

Of course, those looking for an iPhone 5 jailbreak probably don't get about the legal history of jailbreaking, but it is interesting to take a look back and realize that, at one point, the DMCA decided it's against the law to fiddle with your smartphone's OS. You know, the smartphone you paid for with your hard-earned money. And despite Apple's efforts and the law's efforts to thwart hackers, an upcoming iPhone 5 jailbreak or iOS 6.1 hack shows that when the people want it enough, there are plenty who are willing to deliver.

Just take note that if you decide to jailbreak your iPhone 5, you'll be voiding the warranty and possibly cutting any support Apple would otherwise offer if you run into problems with your phone. It's not always as easy as restoring your device to manufacturer settings sometimes. But if you're the type inclined to do this kind of tinkering, this is probably going to be a non-issue for you.

If you decide to pull the trigger on this, let us know how it goes for you!

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