iPad mini shipping times drop to one to three days

News 09:35, Feb 04 2013

Apple's iPad mini is shipping sooner than some were expecting, but not hoping for

Apple iPad mini shipments are now dropping to one to three days from three to five days, the latter being the sort of thing most of us hate to see when ordering a fancy new gadget.

Apple's website shows that iPad mini orders will ship within one to three days from the time of order, which is good news.

The bad news is that Apple CEO Tim Cook says iPad mini demand and supply won't balance out until about March. If there was any question about the tablet's popularity or usefulness, given its size and lack of retina display, this is a good lesson learned. The iPad mini has been out for months now, and yet Apple won't be able to truly keep up with demand until next month.

The iPad mini and the iPad 4 are huge opportunities for Apple, as CNET reports this quote from Tim Cook:

"On iPad in particular, we have the mother of all opportunities here, because the Windows market is much, much larger than the Mac market is," Cook said. "And I think it is clear that it's already cannibalizing some, and I think there's a tremendous amount of more opportunity there and as you know I've said for two or three years now that I believe the tablet market will be larger than the PC market at some point, and I still believe that. And you can see by the growth in tablets and the pressure on PCs that those lines are beginning to converge."

Cook does have a point: Devices like the iPad mini and iPad 4 are going to outpace PC sales at some point, and it could be a pivotal moment when Apple finally surpasses Microsoft in that coveted space -- the consumer PC market.

Now, when you think of consumer PC, perhaps the image of a Windows-based desktop comes to mind, but we need to start thinking of devices like the iPad mini as a personal computer, too. After all, our tablets and smartphones probably handle most of our daily computing and cloud-based needs.

We turn to desktops or notebooks and laptops when we need more power, like using Photoshop or something. Otherwise, it's all smartphones and tablets all the time.

If you've been aching to get an iPad mini but didn't want to wait, now is the time to buy. With iPad mini shipment times dropping to a day or three, you'd have to be a supremely impatient person to think it's too long a wait.

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