iPhone 6 to launch this summer?

News Stacy Warden 10:10, Feb 04 2013

Apple's cheaper iPhone could launch as soon as this summer, new report suggests

Just last week we went over three possible options for Apple's iPhone 6 launch date. A few days later, it looks like a summer release is shaping up to be the likeliest choice (at least for the moment. These rumors have a tendency to change as quickly as the latest Android OS). In any case, let's take a look at the latest. 

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reportedly told investors in a recent note that Apple is currently testing two new iPhone prototypes. It's assumed that one of those models is the cheaper version we've heard so much about, while the other could be the highly rumored iPhone 5S. He also noted that Apple's next iPhone will be slightly larger than its predecessor, and more aesthetically in line with the iPad mini. 

It's really nothing we haven't already heard. The first rumors of the iPhone 6 release leaned toward a spring launch, but given that we're already into February, it's extremely unlikely. Others have guessed that Apple will wait until sometime this fall (stating October as the likeliest possibility) to launch the next iPhone. Summer has also been an option from the start, and perhaps now the most logical. 

Whether the iPhone 6 will actually be cheaper than its costly counterparts remains unclear, but it could be a smart move for the Cupertino, Calif. tech giant. Apple may very well need to begin offering less expensive versions of its handset if it hopes to keep the traction it recently gained in smartphone sales against its biggest rival Samsung. 

Samsung is also expected to reveal a brand new phone as part of its Galaxy lineup, which will likely be dubbed the S4 (keeping in line with its current branding). Official release dates have yet to be announced for both Samsung's upcoming S4 and Apple's iPhone 6. 

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