Top 5 features we want in iOS 7

News Tony Crammond 07:41, Feb 06 2013

iOS 7 is currently being developed, and there a few features we'd love to see included...

Apple didn’t exactly hit the ball out of the park with iOS 6. A few decent features were largely offset by stability problems and the disastrous Apple Maps, but iOS 7 is on the horizon now, and we’ve put together a list of the five features we really want to see when the new software hits this June.

Allow users to choose default apps

Safari’s a great browser, which, with the help of Apple’s Nitro Javascript Engine, delivers blisteringly fast Web browsing, but some folks might prefer to use Chrome, Google’s excellent alternative, or even Mozilla’s Firefox. People may wish to use their own third-party calendar app, or task list app too, but Apple being Apple means that they can’t.

We’d love to see Apple give something back to its users in iOS 7 and let them pick what they want to use on a device that they have paid for – oh and lending third-party browsers use of that Java engine without users having to Jailbreak would be a nice gesture too!

AirDrop for iOS

Users have been begging for this feature for ages and with good reason. For those of you who don’t use a Mac, AirDrop lets users share content between computers on the same Wi-Fi network by simply dragging and dropping. It’s easy to use, amazingly useful and would be superb on the iPad or iPhone.

A new look 

Looks aren’t everything, but iOS has had the same tired interface since day one and we’d love to see the talented artists on Apple’s payroll do something new with the platform’s icons, wallpapers, transitions – everything. It’s time for a shake-up, Apple!

Delete/Hide native apps

Would it be too much to ask to be able to hide or even delete core apps that don’t get used? I know people who would sell a kidney to be able to remove Apple Maps (well, maybe not a kidney) and those of us who don’t have diverse stock portfolios could well live without the app and ticker that constantly reminds us that we’re fiduciary failures.

Expanded notifications blind

The pull-down notifications blind that Apple borrowed from Android is great – but we would love to see some switches added for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Restrictions or Airplane mode – and we’d also be very pleased with a customisable ticker for news or our favourite social networks.

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